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  • Australia fires live: Canberra airport closed, reports of air tanker crash in NSW bushfires – latest updates

    ACT residents near bushfire south of Canberra told to seek shelter as contact lost with large water-bombing plane fighting New South Wales bushfire. Follow latest news and live updates

    At 3pm there's 84 bush or grass fires across NSW with nearly 40 yet to be contained. Five fires are at Emergency Warning level. A southerly change is moving up the coast. It's not likely to reach places like Sydney until early tomorrow morning. #nswrfs #nswfires pic.twitter.com/74f1zIWxdX

    Smoke from fires near Moruya and Nowra can be seen on our radar. Fires are picking up due to hot temperatures, strong winds and low humidity. For up to date fire info refer to Fires Near Me: https://t.co/m5Wo8D3L53 and the latest weather warnings at: https://t.co/5i2qRJI7Mx pic.twitter.com/ira96Gcuwg

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  • Coronavirus: China bars 11m residents from leaving city at centre of outbreak

    Government unveils new countermeasures as country prepares for lunar new year and death toll doubles to 17

    Chinese authorities have suspended all outbound transport from Wuhan, the city at the centre of an outbreak of the mysterious Sars-like coronavirus, which has so far killed 17 people.

    Bus, subway, ferry and long-distance passenger transportation networks from the city were suspended from 10am local time on Thursday, state media reported. The city’s airport and train stations were also closed to outgoing passengers.

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  • Mass shooting in Seattle leaves one dead and seven injured
    • Police searching for suspect
    • Attack marks third shooting in the area in two days

    Eight people were shot in Seattle on Wednesday, authorities said, and one of them succumbed to their injuries.

    The Seattle fire chief, Harold Scoggins, said authorities began receiving calls at about 5pm warning of multiple gunshot victims. One person was found dead in a heavily trafficked area of downtown and five others were taken to a Seattle hospital, he said.

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  • Peak meat: is veganism the future?

    Marco Springmann, a public health expert, tells Anushka Asthana why cutting out animal products is the best route to a healthy diet – and why veganism is good for the planet. Plus: Alex Hern on the Guardian’s exclusive story of how the Amazon chief, Jeff Bezos, allegedly had his phone hacked after receiving a WhatsApp message apparently sent from the crown prince of Saudi Arabia.

    Veganism is having a moment. From ‘Veganuary’ promotions to whole lines of products in fast food retailers such as KFC and Greggs, there is a concerted effort to lure customers away from meat and dairy. But with the boom comes a deluge of quackery and misinformation.

    In this episode Marco Springmann, a public health researcher at Oxford University, separates fact from fiction. He tells Anushka Asthana what the data says about the health and environmental impact of veganism and cutting out meat and other animal products.

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  • 'Our future is not assured': Schiff issues stark warning at impeachment trial
    • Impeachment manager describes moment of historic national crisis
    • After rejecting fresh witnesses, Republicans say they heard nothing new
    • Some senators exit chamber despite trial rules

    Striving to make himself heard across partisan lines, the lead impeachment prosecutor filled his opening argument against Donald Trump on the Senate floor on Wednesday with invitations, warnings and appeals designed to win Republican backing for a substantial trial.

    Using flowing evocations of constitutional history, the global promise of US democracy, and the stakes should it all be allowed to slip, Democrat Adam Schiff framed his story of Trump’s wrongdoing as a national crisis demanding a non-partisan remedy.

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